Our Vision

Promacon is a global engineering company for smart automation solutions that brings to the market an ambitious project based on technology, knowledge, innovation and advanced solutions, and provides top-quality competitive products that add value to the customer. To achieve our goal, we have complete faith in our main asset: our people, a strong team committed to our customers strategies and their real needs.

We target our knowledge and experience on success and excellence in all of our projects, however difficult they may be, taking on the markets challenges and providing the means to move forward and make progress together with our customers.

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Our Mission

A Group you will feel part of.

Our technology is something that goes beyond the general concept of mechanical production. It is excellence, knowledge and expertise. It is innovation, research and development.

Our technology is people, relationships and bonds.

Our technology is flexibility, dynamism and modernity.

Our technology is services for customers and answers for the markets.

Our technology will always be by your side.

Latest news Gujarat Reliance Project. India Largest Desalination Plant Shemesh automation (wet wipes packaging solutions) HAIFA and AYALON waste water treatment plants

Choose Promacon: because winners never leave things to chance.

The Promacon solution