Building Automation Applications

Building Automation is a particular branch of automation and control Its designation is resource saving, access control and protection. Resource saving is expressly in control of electrical consumers such as lights, air conditioners, pumps, and ventilation. Access control stands for RFID, CCTV, human and equipment badges, and presence sensors. The protection includes fire alarm, fighting systems, flood alarms, and fences protection. The Building Automation System (BAS) may cover all the above tasks in a full or partial manner and thus suitable for any size of the application In the modern multi-storey buildings, BAS keeps building climate within a specified range, controls lighting and room air conditioning based on an occupancy schedule, monitors the performance of elevators and provides malfunction alarms to building maintenance staff. BAS reduces building energy and maintenance costs compared to non-controlled buildings. Typically, BAS fully covers its costs by energy and insurance savings, announcement of the preventive maintenance and quick faults detection. Almost all green multi-storey buildings are designed to accommodate a BAS for its energy, air, and water saving characteristics. Apart from office buildings, BAS is also suitable for malls, storages, stadiums, universities, hotels and many other purposes. The preferable type of BAS is home automation which allows its owners to control everything over the web.

Promacon offers to its customers an individual approach, self-tested and verified technology in development of optimal solutions of BAS for the following modules:

1. Occupancy  one of two or more operating modes for a building automation system. It is suitable for any kind of rooms applications  hotels, offices, etc. Occupancy is usually based on time of day schedules

2. Lighting can be turned on, off, or dimmed with a building automation or lighting control system based on time of day, or on occupancy sensor, photo sensors and timers.

3. Air temperature and humidity systems. Climate control for office, hospital, hotel, clean room and other purposes.

4. Air treatment Cleaning, disinfection, decontamination and drying systems that usually treat air clean rooms.

5. Chilled water system – Chilled water is often used to cool a building’s air and equipment.

6. Condenser water system – Cooling tower(s) and pumps are used to supply cool condenser water to the chillers.

7. Hot water system – The hot water system supplies heat to the building’s air-handling unit or VAV box heating coils, along with the domestic hot water heating coils .

8. Alarms and security – All modern building automation systems have alarm capabilities.

9. Home automation is a subset of building automation and – with a similar purpose – it is the consolidation of one or more systems under centralized or distributed control.

10. Domotronics deals with the interdisciplinary interaction and intelligent networking of building, energy and communications technology in modern especially larger buildings with complex requirements.

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