Water Supply and Water Treatment Systems

The world water and environmental technologies market constitutes a big opportunity in the current economy. Promacon has the experience and technology in design and supply a full range of industrial water and wastewater treatment systems. We can offer solutions in the area of automation and control for optimal operation of water supply systems, water desalination plants and sewage treatment plants because we know what required to maintain advanced technology equipment and enhance a plant life cycle for the best possible performance with minimal downtime. Our engineering staff has a proven track record in the water industries, always working closely with each customer to identify goals and create a customized value plan that will result in improved equipment uptime and performance, enhanced water productivity and operating cost optimization.

One of the latest projects where we are involved now is Gujarat Reliance Project (India Largest Desalination Plant). Call us +972 73-728-5196 or email us office@promacon.biz for more info.

Promacon supplies a full range of software & hardware solutions for the management, optimization, automation, monitoring and control systems for water desalination plants, and for public and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

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