Control Applications Maintenance

Industrial facilities and processes often change to keep themselves updated in accordance to market needs. As an inevitable consequence of process changes the requirement is to update a control system application.

Sometimes it is enough to make only software changes, but in some occasions it is necessary to change both hardware and software. Those changes always should be provided in the shortest term to decrease the production line downtime. In most cases, it also requires engineering documentation updates.

Another case is any malfunction. In this case it is required immediate immersion into the problem to recognize all the involved components and find the root cause. Considering the fact, that usually it is completely unseen previously software or control circuit, the specialist has to be able to read the program code or electrical drawings to detect the key point. The main factor in resolving malfunctions is highly qualified diagnostic.

Promacon LTD provides services of any complexity maintenance works to any kind of control and instrumentation systems. We use the most advanced diagnostics equipment to detect and repair breaks in the shortest term. If you need to make any upgrade, we can find the most optimal solution, supply equipment, change the application and update the engineering documentation. Time is money.