Industrial Plants & Manufacturing Facilities

At Promacon, we know that improving productivity involves far above than applying new technologies. Our automation-engineering team will assist you to enhance your existing processes or upgrade with a new technology for stronger business performance.

Promacon supplies a full range of software & hardware solutions for the management, optimization, automation, monitoring and control systems for Industrial Plants & Manufacturing Facilities.

One of the latest projects where we have been involved is field wiring, programming and commissioning of gases and chemicals detectors in Intel FAB28A LSS/HPM at Israel/Lachish . Call us +972 73-728-5196 or email us for more info.

Specific industrial automation service areas include:

Process Automation

Our highly skilled engineering experts will work with your organization to automate your production processes and ensure system reliability while reduce unexpected downtime.

Industrial Automation Integration

Our engineering teams specializing in a variety of platforms and can integrate across all systems.

Control System Design

Our engineering team manages process controls with the utmost critical process information so your company is insured the best decision.

Control System Migration

Promacon engineering team can help your business plan and deliver a smooth transition from an existing legacy PLC or DCS to a modern control system.

Developing Viable, Integrated Control Solutions

Once your control system reaches the end of its lifecycle, our technical experts can offer you the best solution applicable to your specific needs.

Latest projects